Lightscaping....Paint Your Landscape with Light
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Snow is here and measurable! See the video!
It’s the summer solstice - the longest day of the year and you should be enjoying it!
Halloween isn't here yet, but it's time to start thinking of being the best decorated house on the block! There are discounts for early Christmas light installation!
Breathing in the fresh air makes us all feel better, right? So why not spend as much time outside as you can.
Do you like making a difference in how someone feels about their lawn and landscape?
Need something to do this weekend? Come see us and all the other beautiful landscape displays at the Wichita Outdoor Living and Landscape Show at Century II.
Well, you can get started if you want, with emphasis on “started.” That’s because the best time to begin killing Bermuda in Wichita (or anywhere) is when it’s actively growing. So, you'll need ...
You figured the early wet weather would make for perfect mosquito habitat. Looks like you were right! So, let us do some special spraying, so you can stop mosquito slapping!
With the weather we’ve been having, Wichita lawn maintenance has really been a challenge this summer. Many lawns have taken quite a beating. As a result, ...
Brrr...It may feel like winter outside, but it's all about Spring this weekend inside the Century II Expo Hall for the 2015 Outdoor Living & Landscape Show.
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