Don't let fall armyworms come marching through your yard.
Is your yard starting to brown, while your neighbor’s still looks green? (You’re right, “No fair!”) You may have a case of autumn armyworms. These tiny little critters look harmless, but they can wreak havoc when the weather cools down. And with their voracious appetite for the leafy surface of your blades of grass, it won’t take long before you notice a browning out or “window-paning” effect down each blade. These worms just don’t quit – they’ll eat everything in an area, and once the food supply is exhausted, the entire “army” will move to the next available food source (hence the name, ARMYworms). And while irrigated lawns stand a much better chance to avoid permanent damage since the armyworms will move on to more succulent blades before damaging the crown (and a new blade of grass will generate if the crown’s undamaged), no lawn is immune. Send the army on its way! Fortunately, if you’re looking for fall lawn care and lawn maintenance services in Wichita, there’s an effective treatment to control armyworms. And, if your lawn has sustained enough damage, you’re probably a prime candidate for aerating and overseeding, or verticutting and overseeding (your lawn will thank you again, come springtime).