Don't turn a cold shoulder to landscaping in the winter.

In the dead of winter, when most plants, grasses and trees are hibernating it’s refreshing to see the texture of green foliage. The perfect plant or tree for your yard to bring a bit of fresh air this winter are those that keep their fullness year ‘round.

Like snowflakes, no two trees are alike. We’ve found that the best trees to incorporate into your wintertime terrain are of the Evergreen family. Certain Evergreens keep their foliage year ‘round and really stand out in barren winter landscapes. Our favorites? Canaerti Junipers, Blue Atlas Cedars, and Hollies.

A row of Canaerti Junipers can provide protection from harsh winter winds and reduce energy costs in your home. Blue Atlas Cedars have an asymmetrical shape and beautiful blue color, and they’re especially showy when planted in groups of three. And Hollies have a green glossy color with eye catching red winter berries (don’t forget to use cuttings for wreaths and centerpieces). It’s no surprise why Evergreen trees are a popular choice for year ‘round landscaping.

Since the cold ground doesn’t stop us from digging, now until March 1, 2015 all trees planted are 10% off!

 Canaerti Juniper

Holly with Berries

 Blue Atlas Cedar