The Walls Are Alive!

Whether it is known as "windbreak" or as a newer urban version “living wall” they still have a sustainable place in today’s landscape. One of our latest projects is a living wall around the perimeter of the The White Tail Addition located in the northeast part of Wichita at the southwest corner of 13th St N and 127th St E.


Our crews making it happen. Only 1,000 more to go!

 Suburban Landscape’s skilled crews have been making it happen, installing over 1,500 Spartan Junipers in just 3 weeks. Mother nature has also been very kind, providing unseasonably warm January weather. In addition, all the back fill material used was recycled from our mowing compost.

 The benefits of planting trees are numerous. Trees help the environment by moderating climate, improving air quality, reducing storm water runoff, and sheltering wildlife. When you plant a tree, you are not only helping the environment, and increasing property value; it is also just an urban friendly way of greening up your space.  

Truck loads of Spartan Junipers