Thinking about spraying to try and kill Bermuda this weekend? Don’t!

Well, you can get started if you want, with emphasis on “started.” That’s because the best time to begin killing Bermuda in Wichita (or anywhere) is when it’s actively growing. And that window has passed. But that doesn’t mean all is lost. It just means you need a different approach than the weekend warrior spraying strategy.

We’ve all heard the phrase “you can’t completely kill Bermuda,” and there’s truth to that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a run for its money. You can achieve some level of success by spray-treating in mid-to-late August, with the idea of seeding in mid-to-late September.

When it comes to killing Bermuda (sounds like an outdoor horror movie, doesn’t it?), we consider not just the extent of Bermuda, but the estimated number of sprays required based on when you contact us. So call our Bermuda Specialist, Larry Seifert, at 316-529-0002 right away.  Larry can set up a free evaluation and estimate, so you can start seeing less Bermuda in your backyard – or wherever that pesky grass has chosen to grow!