Who's ready for a Christmas story?

Twas a couple months before Christmas and all through the neighborhood,
not a house was decorated, nothing Christmassy stood.

The houses were bare and the leaves were all falling,
it was time to start thinking and doing some calling.

The homeowners didn’t really want to start dragging out
all of the ladders and lights for that’s no fun, no doubt.

When all of a sudden what should appear
Was the number of a company that hangs lights and puts up reindeer.

If you don’t want to get out of your warm comfy chair
Then give us a call and we’ll install it with care.

Christmas season will be here in a matter of time
So call for a free estimate before your neighbor’s jingle bells chime.

Call us here at SLM to install your Christmas lights!  316-529-0002 or contact us online !