5 Reasons You Should Have a Lawn Sprinkler System
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Why Your Lawn Needs an Irrigation System

Thinking about investing in a sprinkler system? If you are still looking for a reason to fully commit to an easy way to care for your yard, Suburban Landscape management has five! Read more to see how having an irrigation system can benefit your home and wallet with these five reasons why you should have a sprinkler system for your lawn.


1. Saves Time

It is common for people to have busy schedules and maintaining your lawn can be its own full-time job. A sprinkler system is a great way to take another thing off your plate. Irrigation systems can be set on a timer, so you’ll never have to worry about remembering to water your lawn. During the hot summers, it is also recommended to water in the early morning or evening, so less water evaporates and is wasted. Let the convenience of a sprinkler system free up some time for you to enjoy your outdoor oasis.


2. Saves Water

A major part of your lawn care is providing the needed amount of water without wasting it. Sprinkler systems are strategically placed to have as little water as possible be wasted on patios or driveways. Consider how many times you have set a sprinkler, walked away to do something else, only to forget about it and leave the water running far too long. An irrigation system makes sure your lawn isn’t overwatered and cuts down on waste.


3. Saves Money

As mentioned, having a sprinkler system for your yard saves water and in turn, saves money. Once the proper watering amount is established, long-term savings will start to rise as utility costs decrease.   


4. Add Value to Your Home

A properly designed sprinkler system will help allow for a healthier and more attractive lawn or garden. This is a great way to enhance curb appeal for your home. Additionally, irrigation systems are considered an upgrade feature, enhancing the overall value of the home.  


5. Maintenance is easy with the help of Suburban Landscape Management 

Many believe irrigation systems are not worth the work it takes to maintain them. That is where Suburban Landscape management comes in! They provide services in Sprinkler system repair, backflow testing, spring activation, summer adjustments, and winterization. Maintaining your sprinkler is easy with the help of professionals that provide all the services you need year-round.



Ready to Get Started?

Sprinkler systems are a great way to save time, water, and money while providing the best care for your yard.  If you have questions about maintaining your irrigation system, contact us today!



Article Categories: Lawn Care