Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Secure Your Safety. Preserve the Beauty.

Weather in Wichita, Kansas can take a toll on outdoor structures, landscaping, and even your outdoor lighting. We want your home to truly shine, so lighting maintenance is key to keeping things from going into disrepair. It's not just having the lights, but keeping them shining bright, all year long.  Planning and installing your outdoor lightscape is critical, but it’s all for naught if your lighting system isn’t properly maintained.

All our Lighting Maintenance Program visits are automatically scheduled, and include the following:

  • Inspect and clean all lamps and lenses
  • Examine all sockets and replace bulbs (as needed)
  • Adjust fixtures
  • Ensure proper operation of transformers, timers, and photocells
  • Clear plant material overgrowth around fixtures

Select a Plan, and Save on Materials.

All lamps and repair parts receive a discount depending on which Lighting Maintenance Program is most appropriate for your lightscape. We can even create a custom Program that’s unique to the special nuances of your very own “light show.” We'll work with you to suit your exact needs. 

Our Silver, Gold or Platinum Lighting Maintenance Programs consists of 2, 6, or 12 visits annually. With all three service levels you also enjoy a savings on labor. And, with Platinum your labor savings is at our most favorable rate, plus your materials discount is doubled. So whether you choose one of these, or ask us to develop a custom program just for your lightscape, your beautiful landscape will never be in the dark again.

It all gets back to managing vs. just maintaining. That’s the Suburban Difference.

Converting to LED Outdoor Lighting

Let’s debunk the cost myth right away. Many believe “LED” automatically equals greater cost. And while LED fixtures hold true to that notion (at least for now) the overall conversion provides considerable cost savings in two areas:

  • LED outdoor lighting typically requires only half the wiring of conventional systems
  • As widely promoted, the energy efficiency and longevity far outweigh the one-time fixture investment

More LED benefits:

  • Free of toxic chemicals found in most conventional fluorescent lighting
  • Greater design flexibility, including better control of color quality and direction
  • Instant light! No waiting for bulbs to wake up
  • Works when it’s warm, and when it’s winter, LED lighting isn’t impacted by the cold like fluorescent lamps are
  • Mother Nature’s second favorite light source, LEDs produce little infrared light and almost no UV emissions
  • 3 year warranty on any bulb installation or a 5 year warranty on bulb installation when you sign up for a Silver, Gold, or Platinum program. 
  • Lifetime warranty on new transformer installations 


New Lighting? Replacing Fixtures and Bulbs? Maintaining Your Lightscape?

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