Turf Renovation

Turf Renovation

It’s Never Too Late to Give Your Lawn a Lift

Your lawn is the first impression of your home. So when your green carpet doesn’t look so green, potential causes could be: drainage, insects, disease, shade, drought, lack of nutrients, tree roots … and more.

The key to renovating your lawn is to first understand the issue at hand. Let our State of Kansas-certified Lawn Technicians conduct a thorough Lawn Analysis, at no cost. Like a health examination, the Analysis will give you a snapshot of how your lawn’s doing, and what you can consider doing to improve its health. After the thorough analysis comes a custom treatment and renovation plan so that the your green lawn will maintain. 

Core Aeration for Your Lawn

Reduce thatch and soil compaction so your lawn can breathe easy. Your lawn’s best kept secret? It needs oxygen as much as precipitation. So while it’s easy to provide water, it’s not so easy to provide air. That’s when core aeration comes in. Our Lawn Technicians will examine your lawn’s soil structure and composition to determine how core aeration can enhance nutrient absorption and promote soil penetration of air, water, and any fertilization program your lawn may be receiving. Breathe easy knowing our experts are on it.

Verticutting and Overseeding

Both brand new and existing lawns benefit. You can run grooves in your yard and scatter seed, or you can develop a plan. At Suburban, we prefer the latter - and that’s why we think you’ll prefer Suburban. Our certified Lawn Technicians know how to see things in a lawn you’d never think possible, including stuff like soil compaction levels and thatch-to-soil ratio. So when it’s time to verticut and seed your lawn, we’ll have every detail down, from vertical depth and seed type to a custom maintenance plan just for you.

Bermuda Eradication

When that "spreading stuff" has got to go. Bermuda grass is fast, tough, and stubborn. Tough to kill, it requires a relentless program starting with two to three treatments of a special herbicide when the grass is healthy and full, to maximize the herbicide’s absorption. Once dead, the lawn is thatched to remove as much Bermuda (dead or alive) as possible. The new bed is then prepared. Finally, it’s time to seed or sod, followed by a custom maintenance program – again utilizing your no-cost Lawn Analysis.

There's a lot of Life in Your Yard

bird in lawn

There's a lot of life growing in your yard. It's easy to forget a world of food, oxygen, vitamins, and minerals, all under your healthy grass. Our experts are here to remind you when you forget. Click below to make sure the life in your yard always stays happy and healthy.