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Landscape Management

What does “managing” mean?

Simply put, landscape management, or managing, is the continuous coordination of a pre-determined set of customer-specific services. This is the “management” part of our name, and frankly, it’s what we do best.

Planned and delivered on an annual basis, your unique services package is designed to balance both needs and budget. To stay simple, customers choose either convenient monthly billing or an average monthly plan.

Why is Landscape Management Important?

Because more than one of anything requires management.

Who cuts your grass? Trims the bushes? Diagnoses diseases? Sprays for weeds (and knows when to)? And who will design that new deck? Or create your outdoor kitchen? Or plan the pergola? If you had more than one answer, you’re going to love our landscape management. Good thing it’s in our name, and we've been doing it for over 25 years in Wichita and surrounding areas.