Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation System Maintenance

Sprinkler System Repair, Annual Backflow Testing, Spring Activation, Summer Adjustments, and Winterization.

Water Maintenance is a Constant Flow.

Heads, up? That’s often the first sign your lawn’s sprinkler system is in need of repair. It’s also often the only repair that’s noticeable – at the time. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a scheduled maintenance program throughout the year, especially since in these parts, Mother Nature provides challenges year ‘round.

Spring Sprinkler Activation

When the weather warms up, we’ll be ready. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Turn on the water, inspect all system zones and cycle through all
  • Check and adjust heads for proper operation
  • Ensure your existing watering schedule is appropriate (or discuss a more optimal one)
  • Provide a repairs report (if needed, of course) and any associated costs
  • Schedule a follow-up visit to ensure the system is functioning as designed

Summer Sprinkler Adjustments

When the heat is on, your sprinkler system must be at its best. So your Irrigation Maintenance Program should include summer inspection and adjustments. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Examine your total watering footprint (turf and beds) for unusually wet or dry areas
  • Inspect and cycle through all system zones
  • Review your watering schedule given your lawn’s current condition, as well as anticipated weather patterns for the balance of the watering season
  • Provide a repairs report (if needed, of course) and any associated costs

Wichita Sprinkler Winterization

Before your outdoor living room becomes a winter wonderland, you must winterize your lawn’s sprinkling system, or your beautiful lawn is at risk once that December deep freeze finally thaws.

At Suburban, we take it as seriously as you do:

  • After turning off the system’s water supply, our winterization air compressor blows the lines clear of water.
  • With either above-ground piping or an above-ground backflow preventer, you’ll want us to winterize before temperatures fall below 30⁰ F.

Professional Backflow Testing

To keep groundwater contaminants from reaching your drinking water, backflow testing is conducted. In fact, the City of Wichita requires testing backflow preventers (PVBs) annually. Our professionally certified specialists are registered with the city’s Cross Connection Program. That way, we can not only conduct your backflow test, but ensure you’re registered, and your paperwork is up to date.

Ready to Make a Splash?

Keep your turf hydrated through the hot Kansas summers we have in Wichita.  Whether it's installation, repair, winterization, or inspection, we do it all. We even offer a three year labor and materials warranty on newly installed irrigation systems when all maintenance is done by Suburban Landscape Management.  Let us know what service you are looking for today and how we can help.