Bring on The Cooler Weather

Cooler Weather in Wichita, Kansas Brings Cozy Outdoor Evenings

Imagine this... 

It’s after work or a long day of chores and it’s dinner time.  Imagine heading out to the backyard to warm up the outdoor griddle and the pizza oven.  You put the chicken and veggies on the outdoor flat top griddle and when they’re done, use your new granite countertop space to shred the chicken, cut up the veggies and use it as a place to set the pizza crust on.  Open your outdoor fridge to get the pizza sauce and cheese and get the kids out to help decorate the pizza crust.  As the pizza is cooking in the new outdoor pizza oven, you open your outdoor wine fridge, pop open a bottle and pour a glass.  You wait comfortably at the dining table and chairs on the new patio as you chat with the family about their day.  Or go hit a few golf balls at the new putting green over in the other corner of the lawn as the kids kick the soccer ball around.


After dinner... 

 Winddown the evening by starting a fire in the fire pit to roast marshmallows for dessert and start up the outdoor margarita machine for after-dinner drinks.  You won’t have to worry about bugs or mosquitoes if you have us spray your lawn monthly to keep those little pests away.  With your imagination, the possibilities are endless!   

Let us create the at-home get-away you’ve been dreaming about.  Call us today at 316-529-0002 for your free estimate and get on the schedule so you can start enjoying the outdoors a little more!