Stressed Lawns Need Fall Care
SLM Fall Lawn Care

How to Care for Your Stressed Kansas Lawn this Fall

Kansas weather can be brutal and unpredictable, as we have seen for quite some time in Wichita. When summers are hot and dry, like this one, it can be a challenge to keep your lawn in good condition. Many lawns have taken quite a beating this summer, not just from heat but also from pests like grubs and army worms. As a result, we’re seeing more turf grass in need of fall aeration, over-seeding, or both, this year as compared to others. Keep reading to see how you can get your lawn back to health through the fall.  


Why You Need Fall Aeration and Overseeding 

By reducing soil compaction and helping roots expand into the soil, aerating this fall helps lawns that get a lot of traffic (think kids sports and barbecues) by improving the depth and extent of your roots. This also helps with water uptake, lawn fertilization, and thatch breakdown. And if you’re thinking about fall over-seeding, many people like to begin with core aeration. 

When to Schedule Fall Lawn Maintenance 

Our customers have been asking us “When should I aerate or over-seed?” Good question, as timing is important. If you’re seeding fescue this fall, we recommend seeding between September 1st and October 15th. Our schedule fills up quickly, so you’ll want to contact us asap. You’ll see faster germination and less competition from spring weeds when performed by a professional at the right time. And come springtime, your thicker lawn will be the best defense against those nasty weeds! 


Ready to Get Started? 

When you’re ready to discuss or schedule your fall aeration or over-seeding, just give us a call at 316-529-0002 or submit a contact form by clicking the link below.